Burundi Kayanza Nemba Natural

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Burundi Kayanza Nemba Natural

It's back!  We had an overwhelmingly positive response to the Burundi Kayanza Nemba we sourced in 2019 and we made a point to find a new lot when it became available in 2020.  While this new lot came from the same region and "station" in Burundi, this year's coffee is definitely distinct from last year.  We're still getting those strawberry notes that made last year's coffee so popular, but this new lot has an almost malted character to it, which is accompanied by a noticeably bigger body.  We're finding notes of strawberry milkshake, banana bread, and an overall syrupy sweetness that dances on top of a full body and rounded moutfeel.  

Burundi had a particularly disappointing growing season this past year, and with the current global economic crisis surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we feel lucky to have been able to score what little we did this year and proud to be able to support coffee growing in a region so affected by climate and economic crisises.  Because of this, however, our inventory is very limited and won't last long, so we recommend you grab what you can while we have it!

Origin: Burundi
Region: Kayanza Province
Producer: Nemba Washing Station
Variety: Bourbon varietals
Altitude: 1600 meters above sea level
Processing Method: Natural

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