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AeroPress Go Coffeemaker
AeroPress Go Coffeemaker
AeroPress Go Coffeemaker


AeroPress Go Coffeemaker

Our preferred coffeemaker for coffee lovers on the go! 

We've been waiting for a all-in-one travel coffeemaker product like this for years, and we're thrilled to be able to share the new AeroPress Go with you as a certified distributor of AeroPress products.

With the AeroPress Go, you avoid the messy clean up of a French Press and the inconvenience of a manual brewing cone.  Simply assemble the brewer, insert a filter, scoop your coffee, add hot water, and press the plunger to extract the coffee!  Clean up is as easy as "popping" the resulting extracted coffee grounds out to compost, and giving the brewer a quick rinse with cold water.

This kit includes everything you need to brew an excellent cup of coffee anywhere you go - just add Garland Coffee and hot water!  The AeroPress Go is creatively designed to contain all the necessary components to brew a cup of AeroPress coffee in one tidy package.

AeroPress Go includes:

1 x Newly Designed AeroPress brewer
1 x Serving Mug with Lid
1 x 14g Ground Coffee Scoop
1 x Collapsible stirrer
1 x Filter Holder (holds ~20 paper filters)
350 x AeroPress Paper Filters