Frequently Asked Questions

What is the connection between Garland Coffee Co and Indian Gardens Cafe & Market?

Garland Coffee Co. is a subsidiary of Indian Gardens Trading Post, Inc., which operates both Indian Gardens Cafe & Market and Garland Coffee Co.  We are owned by the Garland family, Sedona residents and business owners for 3 generations.  We are the same group of folks, just offering a standalone coffee brand as an extension of our cafe & market.  See our About Us page for more information on who we are and how we operate.

How dark do you roast your beans (or how bold is your coffee)?

There's no denying that the recent trend in specialty coffee has moved toward a lighter roast profile, and we believe rightly so.  This is a distinct move away from the darker roasts that have dominated national coffee chains throughout the latter part of the 20th Century.  The simple philosophy behind this is that coffee, when grown with intention, can have a tremendous amount of unique character in the cup that reflects the region it was grown in, the altitude of the farm, the growing techniques of the farmer, the individual varietals of the coffee plant, and the processing method of the coffee cherry.  Generally speaking, when coffee is roasted to a "lighter" profile, it gives an opportunity for that individual character of the bean to shine.  When coffee is roasted to a "darker" profile, the flavors of the "roast" - the burning or carmelization of sugars and extraction of oils from the bean - can often cover up the delicate unique profile of the bean.  For large producers of coffee, darker roasts can be advantageous, as they all for a more unified flavor profile across thousands of pounds of coffee from varying origins.  Being a small-batch coffee roastery, we don't have that requirement, so it frees us to explore the uniqueness in each individual lot of coffee we purchase.

Like anything, we find that the distinction between "light" and "dark" roasts can be very polarizing and often lure consumers and roasters into "taking sides" or being strictly dogmatic about their preference or approach.  So while, yes, we tend to focus on the lighter end of the spectrum for our roast profiles, we try to meet the individual bean where it is at and find the ideal roast profile to bring out the best in it.  This means our roasts will vary from bean to bean within a spectrum of light to medium roasts and we believe this is the best approach to showcasing the uniqueness of each coffee we buy.

With regards to boldness, this is a challenging question to answer as there seems to be no universally agreed-upon definition for "boldness" in coffee.  Some people consider bold to be a flavor descriptor, others consider it a measure of caffeine strength, still others correlate bold with body.  Contrary to what you might think is likely that lighter coffees actually retain more caffeine than darker roasted coffees, but the jury may still be out on that.  Generally speaking, it is safe to assume that most of our coffees will be light to medium bodied with varying levels of flavor intensity.  We encourage you to read our descriptions for each coffee to find the one that most suits your preferences.  Please always free free to reach out and start a dialog with us, helping you find a coffee that you love is something that brings us immense joy!

Do you have a coffee shop to taste your coffees?

We are currently in the process of planning and designing a new coffeehouse next door to our roastery to showcase all of our coffees and to give customers a space to get to know our baristas and roasting team.  Our timeline has been derailed a bit due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we remain committed to the goal in the longterm.  Sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page to stay in the loop!

Can I visit/tour your roastery?

Currently, our roastery is just a production facility with no retail component and varying hours of operation.  We welcome anyone to come visit us, but please contact us in advance to make an appointment. 

Are you hiring?

At this time we are a pretty small operation, with just a few people wearing many hats, but of course we plan to grow!  If you think you'd be a great addition to our team, we'd always love to hear from you