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Find our coffee being served and sold at these wonderful businesses.


Oak Creek Canyon

Indian Gardens Cafe & Market - Coffee Shop & Cafe in Oak Creek Canyon.  Drip, pour over, espresso, cold brew served here.  Retail bags for sale.

Orchard Canyon on Oak Creek - Resort and restaurant in Oak Creek Canyon.  Drip coffee served here.


Wander Coffee - Event-based Mobile Coffee Service.  Pour over coffee served here.


Coffee Pot Restaurant - Restaurant and Gift Shop.  Retail bags for sale.

Garland's Navajo Rugs - Native American Art Gallery.  Retail bags for sale.

Mago Cafe - Organic coffee and tea bar in Uptown Sedona.  Drip coffee served here.

Manzanita Market - Grocery store and gift shop in Uptown Sedona.  Retail bags sold here.

Pink Java Cafe - Coffee Bar and Cafe with outdoor patio in Uptown Sedona.  Drip and espresso served here.

Sedona Beer Company - Craft brewery and restaurant.  Drip coffee served here.

Sky Ranch Lodge - Hotel and Event Venue in West Sedona.  Drip coffee served here.

Synergy Sedona - Local Cooperative Kitchen and Chocolate Makers in West Sedona.  Drip, cold brew, and espresso served here. 


Carmel By The Sea

Golden Light Institute - Spiritual Retreats and Workshops.  Drip coffee served here.



West Market Square Coffee House - Artisan Coffee House.  Drip coffee served here.  Retail bags for sale.



15Two Coffee - Coffee Classes and Retailer.  Retail bags for sale.