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Costa Rica Finca Angelina Honey Microlot

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12oz Whole Bean Coffee

This lovely coffee is the latest arrival from one of our favorite coffee growing families, the Aguilera Brothers, in Naranjo, Costa Rica.  We've fallen in love with all of the coffees we've sourced from this grower in the past and this latest offering is no different.

The Aguileras are a family of 12 brothers and sisters who are second-generation coffee producers in the West Valley. (Hermanos is used to describe mixed male and female siblings in Spanish, but literally translates to "brothers" in English.) Their father was one of the first coffee growers in the area, and planted his farm 70 years ago: Neighboring farmers warned him that coffee wouldn't grow there, but now the area is rich with coffee lands. His children, the Aguilera Brothers, work together to produce coffee: Most of the siblings own farmland, and they co-manage the micromill they installed with the earnings from their fourth-place Cup of Excellence win in 2007.

This particular micro lot is from their farm, Finca Angelina, and features a honey processed native varietal "Villa Sarchi".  We find the cup to be extremely clean without defect, light bodied, with bright acidity and notes of clementine and milk chocolate.

Origin: Costa Rica
Region: Finca Angelina, Naranjo, West Valley
Farm: Finca Toño
Variety: Villa Sarchi
Altitude: 1450 meters above sea level
Processing Method: Washed

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