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Peru Huabal El Paraiso

Single Origin Coffee

Peru Huabal El Paraiso

Our first offering from Peru in nearly two years has us wondering what took us so long to bring in another lot!  This is a true crowd pleaser - we've sampled this coffee with a variety of coffee drinkers, with varying tastes in coffee, and all of them have love it, without exception. 

It seems the secret in a crowd-pleasing coffee is the presence of both mild bittering tones and rounded sweetness.  We are enjoying dark chocolate notes with hints of hazelnut spread with soft acidity reminiscent of a red apple.

We're roasting this coffee to what we consider a true medium roast, dropping the coffee right at 415 degrees F, with a development ratio of around 26%.  Great for filter coffee, either in an automatic brewer or any manual brewing device.  If you make espresso at home, we also recommend giving this Peru a pull!

Origin: Peru
Region: Huabal District, Jaen Province
Farm/Producer: Various Small Farms
Cultivar: Bourbon, Caturra, Typica
Altitude: 1750 meters above sea level
Processing Method: Fully Washed

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